Lawdiva Updates

Here is an update on several of my recent stories:

1. Lindsay Lohan

On July 7, 2010 I posted a story called “The Jig is Up” in relation to Ms. Lohan’s acquisition of “frequent flyer” points in a Los Angeles courtroom. Since then, Lohan has been accused of assaulting an employee at her rehab centre and after completing her stint at rehab, stealing an expensive necklace from a jewellery store near her home. Maybe this time, the jig is really up?

2. Courtney Love

“The Twisted World of Courtney Love” was published on January 22, 2011 just before Ms. Love’s defamation trial was to begin. Happily for Courtney, the matter was settled out of court and I understand she no longer “tweets”.

3. Madam Justice Lori Douglas

I wrote three stories on Canada’s Bondage Judge: the first on September 4, 2010 “Will Canada’s Bondage Judge Photos End Her Career?”, the second on September 10, 2010 titled “Bondage Judge: New Facts and Allegations” and the last on November 17, 2010 “Update on Bondage Judge”.

There has been both good news and bad news for her Ladyship. The good news is that the lawsuit against her and her husband, lawyer Jack King, was thrown out of court and a complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council, unrelated to the “bondage” issue, has also been trashed.

The bad news is that an American blog “Above the Law” recently posted the bondage photos that are at the centre of a complaint being investigated by the Canadian Judicial Council.

Thousands of visitors came to Lawdiva to read the stories, likely with the hope that I would post the photos. I did not and will not.

If you are interested in updates on other stories or if you want to share updates with us, feel free to ask or to contribute. Cheers!

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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