Divorce 101- Email Hacking

A husband in Michigan got more than he bargained for when he was arrested and charged with felony computer misuse for hacking into his cheating wife’s computer.

Leon Walker, a computer technician, suspected his wife, Clara Walker, of having an affair with her second husband (Leon was #3). After gaining access to her email account, he copied the emails and sent them to his wife’s first husband, who was the father of her child.

Walker says he did this because husband #2 had been arrested during his marriage to Ms. Walker for assaulting her in front of her young son. Husband #1 immediately filed a custody application upon learning from Mr. Walker that Clara was back with husband #2.

Prosecutors are utilizing a law meant to deter hackers from stealing trade secrets or identities. A conviction can mean up to five years in jail.

So, will Mr. Walker be convicted? I doubt it. He has several reasonable defences including the fact that the computer he hacked was a family computer in the family home. Further, his concern for a child’s well-being may also be a credible defence.

Is this charge over-kill? I think so, despite the prosecutor’s statement that Leon Walker is a “skilled hacker” who downloaded the material in a “contentious way”.

Walker will go to trial on February 7, 2011.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


6 thoughts on “Divorce 101- Email Hacking

  1. NOT A CHANCE Leon will be successfully prosecuted under this legislation! Lawdiva, you are right on point; his defenses will stand the test of the best loonie prosecution Michigan can muster. Just another example of the over protective state attempting to control and manipulate those it serves.

    Recently, the Federal government of the USA, under the cloak of the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) is attempting to control and regulate the World Wide Web. Although I sometimes wonder if it doesn’t need some controls especially when it comes to the trafficking and exploitation of children and youth, I see this as the state’s ongoing initiative to control our lives and perhaps another grab at a new and significant tax base that has somehow remained untaxed since inception.

  2. He won’t go to jail… but I wonder who’s going to pay the legal fees.

    The whole thing is crazy… It’s simple, women absolutely despise being wrong in situations like this… and she was proven wrong. I’ve seen it before.

    The only sticky point is the fact that he did it AFTER they filed for divorce. So, there is a chance he could get caught up. But I doubt it.

    The bottom line is SHE GOT CAUGHT…

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