Law Prof Calls Canadian Law Schools “Psychotic Kindergartens and Feminist Seminaries”

Law professor emeritus, Robert Martin, of the University of Western Ontario has slammed the state of legal education in Canada in an article published several months ago in the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

Professor Martin’s criticisms focus on the subversive push of all things relating to social justice and the unquenchable pursuit of political correctness; the illiteracy of many law school graduates; and the outrageous fees charged by Canadian law schools.

He complains that the University of Toronto’s attempt to compete with Ivy League schools in the United States has led to a legal education that costs more than $20,000.00 a year, but is worth no more than $12.00 a year.

Martin decries the lack of utility of Canada’s law schools and suggests they should be used to house the homeless.

Known for his unorthodox views, Martin’s denunciation of the system he was a part of for decades has attracted volumes of negative retorts. At least one critic has called him a “cranky old man.”

That may be so, but Martin is not afraid of voicing his views, however unpopular they may be among mainstream legal proponents.

Methinks that while Professor Martin’s rant is long on hyperbole, there is a grain of truth to his comments. I only have to review a legal document sent to me several days ago to agree there are a few lawyers who never learned basic grammar or spelling. Ouch!

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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