It’s Just a Technicality

Does anyone ever wonder why it takes so darn long to finish a lawsuit? It’s called “technicalities”. Lawyers, both good and bad, are great at dreaming up reasons to adjourn court hearings. Excuses abound, including “my dog ate my notes”, and judges tend to accommodate all manner of reasons to put things off.

A recent example is the lawsuit against actor Michael Douglas (See my post June 30, 2010 “Greed is Good”). Today a New York Judge tossed out his ex-wife’s claim for a piece of the action from his new movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”. The New York Post’s headline was ” Michael Douglas Wins Lawsuit Against Ex-Wife”, but it’s apparent their headline writer didn’t actually read the article, since the case was dismissed on the basis that Ms. Douglas brought it in the wrong jurisdiction. She may even have a good case, but nobody decided that.

The Court said that since the Douglas’ finalized their divorce action and property deal in California, that Court alone had jurisdiction to hear Ms. Douglas’ claim. This, despite the fact that both Michael and Diandra Douglas have homes in New York.

So, the lawsuit is not really over, it’s just delayed pending the filing of it in California. This could go on for many months and Mr. Douglas’ more pessimistic fans expect that the court case will still have life after his demise from Stage 4 throat cancer.

It seems to me that Mr. Douglas should focus on his health and not this monetary distraction. Either way, prayers are in order.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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