Update: Arizona Lawyer Who Channeled Client’s Deceased Wife

You may recall that lawyer Charna Johnson left her disciplinary hearing with the hearing officer’s recommendation that her license to practice law be suspended for six months and thereafter she be placed on probation for a year. (See earlier story on September 8, 2010) Ms. Johnson believed the punishment was too harsh while the State Bar of Arizona thought it too light. A further hearing to determine sentence was scheduled before the entire Discipline Committee.

Things did not go well for Ms. Johnson as the Committee increased the suspension time to one year. But again, the State Bar objected on the basis that her initial deceit at the State Bar hearing was exacerbated when she continued to maintain the lie over an extended period of time. The Bar has appealed the decision to the Arizona Supreme Court and will be seeking disbarment for Ms. Johnson.

In the meantime, further interesting information has come to light, including that Charna Johnson met the client who’s deceased wife’s body she allegedly inhabited at a ballroom dancing session. Turns out that Ms. Johnson is an accomplished ballroom dancer who has entered competitions such as the USA Dance Nationals 2010 and the Desert Classic Dancesport Championships.

If the State Bar get their way, Ms. Johnson will be dancing off into the sunset.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

2 thoughts on “Update: Arizona Lawyer Who Channeled Client’s Deceased Wife

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