WOW! Lawdiva Wins Best Canadian Law Blog

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am completely overwhelmed having just learned that Lawdiva placed first in the Canadian Blog Awards for law blogs. I started my blog about six months ago and quickly realized that blogging was actually as much fun as practicing law. (Well, almost).

As a closet crime-junkie, my blog gives me the opportunity to examine cases and stories about criminal law issues. It also compells me to look at stories about judges and lawyers and the way the major players in the justice system go about their business and uphold their ethical responsibilities (or not!)

Of course, having practiced family law for 22 years, the stories in this genre have been a part of my professional life for a very long time. To practice family law, one needs passion, compassion and a craving for justice. I love working for the underdog, the one who is not supposed to win.

I am grateful to my friends, family, subscribers (you can be one too!), readers, professional colleagues, my staff and my church family who tell me they love my blog!


Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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