Child Abducted 26 Years Ago Finally Located

Twenty-six years ago it was just another run-of-the mill custody case, until Eva Fiedler’s mother panicked and fled New Jersey with her six year old daughter. She left everything behind including Eva’s father who had just been awarded temporary custody of Eva.

It is difficult to understand how one person can be so selfish. Eva’s mother, Nancy Fiedler, wilfully deprived Eva of a father/daughter relationship, a situation that is so obviously fraught with psychological and emotional issues for Eva. Her father, who had been judged by the Court to be the appropriate caregiver for Eva, spent decades looking for her, spending in excess of $150,000.00 in his quest. The emotional and financial turmoil he suffered cannot be underestimated.

Media reports indicate that father and daughter spoke on the telephone after the news broke that Eva had been living in Nevada all this time under the name Melissa Reed. It was only when Eva attempted to obtain a marriage license, her mother informed Eva her real name was Eva Marie Fiedler.

Eva then applied for a name change to Melissa Reed and for the first time Eva’s real identity was entered into a national databank that indicated she had been abducted when she was six years old. Her mother’s arrest warrant was still on file and Nancy Fiedler was immediately arrested and jailed, without bail, pending her transfer back to New Jersey.

Despite the harm Nancy Fiedler inflicted on her daughter and her ex-husband and his family, I predict her punishment will not fit the crime. If this were a “stranger” abduction, there is no doubt of severe retribution, however, the irony is that the true victim, Eva, will likely support and defend her mother.

Mr. Fiedler reported that his first telephone contact with his daughter was difficult, stilted and awkward. Could there be a happy ending with a warm reconciliation of father and daughter? It’s possible, of course, but there is no reason to believe that Nancy Fiedler will discontinue her accusations of abuse against Greg Fiedler after living a large part of her life based on this theme. In my experience, women like Nancy Fiedler rarely have insight into their destructive behavior. She likely casts herself in the role of heroine, after all, she saved her daughter.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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