Another Secret Divorce

Smart people who get divorced do it privately, out of the eyes and ears of the public domain. They negotiate, mediate or arbitrate a settlement and stay far away from a courtroom. Once they resolve all of the difficult issues regarding kids and money, they sign a separation agreement and their only need for a judge is to pronounce a divorce order. Presto, it’s done!

Other smart people try to do it this way, but are forced into court by a spouse who is not willing to compromise. Avoiding court usually means both spouses must give something up.

On September 3rd I posted a story called “Secret Divorce”. Today’s post is an adjunct to that one.

As anyone who follows American politics knows, the upcoming November congressional elections should be a humdinger. Republicans are salivating over the prospects of unseating a collection of sitting Democrats and not to be outdone, Tea Party candidates are also making headway in several districts.

We all know how dirty politics can be and what better source of scandal than to peruse a candidate’s divorce or family law court file. The subject? Austin Scott, wunderkid and fourteen year Republican member of Georgia’s House of Representatives, who is poised to unseat Democrat incumbent Congressman Jim Marshall.

I guess when the latest polls showed how many points Republican Scott exceeded Democrat Marshall, it was time to move to desperation strategy. A Marshall constituent has brought an application to unseal Austin Scott’s divorce file, just before voting day.

Is this a legitimate ploy? They say all is fair in love and war and the fact that Representative Scott’s divorce file was sealed in a jurisdiction where family files are not automatically sealed, raises questions about what Scott may be trying to hide. On the other hand, it seems unlikely that a fourteen year politician could be hiding anything that hasn’t already seen the light of day.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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