Internet Lothario

He dressed like a successful executive and showed up with his driver and Bentley automobile, all in his quest to con women across Canada into investing in his venture capital business. But not before he wined and dined them and popped an engagement ring on their fingers.

He met his girlfriends/victims through a popular dating website and charmed them and their family members into investing over $1.5 million between 2007 and 2010. Women from Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax tell a similar story about Arvind Sanmugam, 49 years old, who was recently arrested in Toronto for fraud over $5000. None of the women have received any return on their investments.

His six victims agree that he wooed them, schmoozed them and then took their money. His schemes financially devastated his victims, with one woman selling her home to survive. Another of his victims, who says she is his fiance, still does not believe she has been duped. The police contacted her as she was traveling in the Philippines, ostensibly on business for Mr. Sanmugam.

He appeared today in a Toronto courtroom with his wife and one girlfriend in attendance. The Toronto police believe there are more victims, particularly in the Toronto area and hope to bring more charges.

An internet search shows that an “Arvind Sanmugam” is a member of Linkedin, a popular world-wide business network. He describes himself as a “market commentator, venture capitalist, public speaker on entrepreneurship, charities and capitalism… the Chairman of the World Police Academy and Chez Leeloo”. The websites for the Police Academy and Chez Leeloo are perfect examples of puffery. His Linkedin site says he has structured his businesses so that he can donate 90% of his income to the poor.

Other internet sites associate him with other activities and organizations, all of which look highly suspicious. The simple fact is if any of his victims had googled Mr. Sanmugam it would have been easily apparent that he is a con artist.

Arvind Sanmugam is a leech who needs to be locked up.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


5 thoughts on “Internet Lothario

  1. As a lawyer one should be able to see through sensationalist media coverage and should present a measured and balanced perspective.

    While I cannot defend the allegations, I can say that I know Arvind personally and that he made it no secret that he was in the business of investing other people`s money. His email address was opm@…

    Having observed first hand how the media can skew the reality, I encourage people to look beyond what the media reports and analyze the facts before making a personal judgement.



  2. Arvind CLAIMED to be investing other peoples money- hence the email address! However, he really used their money for his own personal gain. I too know him personally. He put on a show for the professionals in his life and was a completely different man when women are involved. This story hasn’t been skewed at all.

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  4. I have got to know Arvind personally over the past 3/4 years as i coached his children at soccer camp in Toronto and London ON. Spent an enjoyable time with his and my own family in Toronto and and was really amazed to find these allegations.

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