The Other Side of Courtroom Carnival

Several days ago I wrote a story on Judge James Brooks of the Orange County Superior Court in California. Although everything I wrote was accurate, in the interests of fair journalism I want to share with you another side of Judge Brooks.

An article in the Los Angeles Times in 2007 shone a light on Judge Brooks’ admirable qualities, while also recognizing his slapstick humour that sometimes went too far. Lawyers and judicial colleagues of Judge Brooks reported that he was “passionate, hardworking, moral, honest, and had a sharp mind and an even hand.”

It is because of his bad press that Judge Brooks has not responded to media reports that certain of his activities in court are inappropriate at best and racist at worst.

He was first elected to the Municipal Court in Los Angeles and has served as a judge for twenty years plus. He went to law school in southern California and worked for fifteen years as a prosecutor in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Judge Brooks has on several occasions been named “Judge of the Year” by certain criminal justice groups in Orange County.

All of us have said or done things we wish we hadn’t. But we pick up ourselves up and hope to learn another of life’s important lessons.

French author and Nobel winner for Literature, Anatole France put it this way:

“It is human nature to think wisely and act foolishly.”

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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