Who Are You?

This blog has now been running for just over three months and it is time to do a shout-out to the thousands of people who browse, read and comment. So who are you?

You come from every province in Canada and every State in the lower 49. You come from South Africa, Malta, Germany, Korea, China, Romania, India, Iceland, Scotland, Estonia, Bosnia, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, Philippines, Uganda, Finland, Netherlands, France, Norway, New Zealand, Egypt, Ukraine, Greece and Malaysia.

To date, I have posted 80 stories.

What are your favorite posts?

– Notables Who Failed Their Bar Exam
– Chess Master Bobby Fischer: Exhumation Required for Paternity Testing
– Land of the Rising Sun Promotes Child Abduction
– Don’t Feel Sorry for the Uber-Wealthy
– The Prestigious Stella Awards
– DISBARRED The Series
– Why Do Parents Act Like Children?

You also like looking at my pages on Cases, Publications, Speaking Engagements and About.

You have commented 84 times.

What are my favorite posts?

– DISBARRED The Series
– Family Law Nightmares: Part 1

What are my favorite topics? Stories about lawyers, judges, flawed litigants and sociopaths, usually featured in stories about family law and criminal law.

THANK YOU to everyone. Keep reading, commenting and stay well!

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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