The Circus is Back in Town

Get ready for the media circus that is bound to converge on a Los Angeles courthouse next week. August 4th is the day the late Anna Nicole Smith’s manager/lover, Howard K. Stern, and two of her treating physicians, Drs. Kapoor and Eroshevich will be tried for conspiracy to prescribe, administer and dispense controlled substances to an addict. The charges include allegations that the doctors wrote prescriptions for Ms. Smith under numerous aliases.

The accused physicians, if convicted, will face criminal consequences and the loss of their licenses to practice medicine.

Stern, who is a lawyer, has been described as Ms. Smith’s “principal enabler” and faces eleven felony counts that could result in a prison sentence of five years or more. Recently, there were accusations that Mr. Stern had threatened a potential witness, a claim he has vigorously denied.

In a surprise move, the District Attorney has just suggested that Anna Nicole Smith is a co-conspirator in the case, as is Mr. Stern’s sister, Bonnie.

Further intrigue has been generated by defence counsels’ allegations that the prosecution of Stern and his co-conspirators is “politically motivated”. As it turns out, California’s Attorney-General, Jerry Brown has publicly opined that Stern’s motive was to enjoy the glitz and glamour that accompanied Ms. Smith and the prospects of easy money, no doubt referring to Smith’s lawsuit against the estate of her multi-millionaire husband, James Howard Marshall, who died in 1995, 14 months after his marriage to Anna Nicole Smith. It has also been noted that Jerry Brown is currently running for Governor of California.

Jury selection began last week and one of the questions prospective jurors faced is whether they have used prescription drugs and if so, what they have used. The Judge noted that jurors that refuse to provide their prescription history will be passed over.

The trial is expected to last three months and over ninety witnesses will be called. The trial judge has refused to permit cameras in the courtroom, to the chagrin of media gossip mongers and others. Nonetheless, the circus is back in town.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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