Roger and Me (With Apologies to Michael Moore)

Thank goodness for billionaire friends! Without them, I’m not sure that Conrad Black would have been in a financial position to post the $2 million bail set today by Chicago trial judge Amy St. Eve.

But Roger came through, big time. Roger Hertog, that is. He is a wealthy American philanthropist who is part of the conservative intelligentsia that includes Lord Black.

There is much speculation about Black’s current net worth after five years of litigation.
The mainstream media reports that he no longer owns his home in Palm Beach Florida, however, Black’s lawyer advised the Chicago Court that Black is in a position to recover the home upon payment of certain liens against it.

There is also the matter of the IRS’s claim that Black owes the United States government $71 million in income taxes for the benefits he received from Hollinger over the years. Black’s attorneys maintain that this claim is bogus, since Black did not reside in the United States and therefore had no obligation to pay taxes in the US.

So what’s next? Black’s current bail terms do not permit him to travel outside of the United States. However, he has been granted liberty to file an updated net worth statement which may persuade the Court to amend his bail conditions to permit him to travel to Canada. It is reported that his wife, Barbara Amiel, spends her time between Toronto and Palm Beach.

Word is that there are already plans in place to invite Black to speak at the prestigious Massey Lectures in Toronto and while several Canadian private clubs have expressed their disdain for his continued membership, it is noteworthy that he still holds his Order of Canada and likely will retain it.

I predict that Lord Black will make a triumphant return to Canada, even if it is just for the book tour for his new book due to be released this fall entitled “The Fight of My Life”.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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