Kudos to Kembo Judge

Charles Kembo is the worst kind of sociopath. Convicted for the premeditated murders of his common law spouse, his mistress, his close business associate and his step-daughter, Kembo took advantage of everything and everybody that crossed his path.

As a refugee from Malawi, arriving without a passport, Canada welcomed him to our land of milk and honey. We had much to offer an enterprising, intelligent newcomer, but instead he used our system, flouted our laws, and abused privileges that are sacred to our law-abiding, democratic way of life.

From the outset he created a fictional character, parading as a successful, educated business man. Because of his charismatic personality he attracted friends, lovers and associates, who he systematically cheated, degraded, abused and finally murdered for money.

I applaud Madam Justice Stomberg-Stein for her patience as she presided over Kembo’s eight month jury trial. Kembo used the courtroom as a platform for his insulting, meandering and simply unbelievable defence. He agreed that he was a con artist, but not a murderer. After three days of deliberation, the jury handed down their guilty verdicts.

Judge Stromberg-Stein’s sentencing remarks are the best example of the adage to “walk softly and carry a big stick”. She told Kembo that he “conned those closest to him… exploited their trust… betrayed and destroyed lives”; that he was “selfish, greedy and corrupt”. She sentenced him to the maximum term available pursuant to Canada’s Criminal Code: a life sentence with no possibility of parole for 25 years. She said that if she could have ordered four life sentences, she would have. “You should never be permitted to walk the streets as a free man”. Lead prosecutor Hank Reiner was reported to have said that the judge’s sentencing comments were some of the strongest he had ever heard.

Rest in Peace: Margaret Kembo, Ardon Samuel, Sui Yin Ma and Rita Yeung

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


3 thoughts on “Kudos to Kembo Judge

  1. This Guy is not Malawian Just pretending to be Malawian! I bet he cannot speak any Malawian language it’s very common practice for pple to use nationalities of countries with no such characters!

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