The Wailing Wall

In a Solomon-like decision, a Judge in New York ordered an estranged orthodox Jewish couple to erect a wall in their 3000 square foot home so that each could live in relative peace and quiet. They are to agree on the best location for the wall, with the wife and five children to exclusively occupy 2200 square feet while the husband takes over the remaining 800 square feet. If they can’t agree on where the wall should be placed, the Court will make the order.

Since separating two years ago, but remaining in the family home, their conflict has been escalating. Mrs. Gold argues that her husband blows out her Shabbos candles, while Mr. Gold complains that his wife will not agree to a “beth din”, a divorce granted by a religious tribunal.

In the meantime, the husband’s brother, who is a rabbi, believes that this physical separation may also be a good idea for happily married couples.

Perhaps now they will both stop their kvetshing!


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