Is Divorce as Contagious as the Common Cold?

Researchers from three prominent American universities have collaborated to determine if divorce is contagious between friends, siblings and co-workers. Here’s what the study found:

1. Divorce does spread among friends, siblings and co-workers, even if the friends and siblings do not live in close proximity to the divorced couple;

2. Popular people are less likely to divorce;

3. The presence of children does not influence divorce, however, each additional child reduces a couples’ susceptibility to influence by their peers to divorce;

4. A married person who has a direct connection with a divorced person is 75% more likely to divorce than persons with no direct connection and there is no gender differentiation in this statistic;

5. Divorcees have a deeper social network than married people and a divorcee is more likely to marry another divorcee;

6. Attending to the health of a friend’s marriage serves to support and enhance the durability of one’s own marriage.

Perhaps this explains the proclivity of divorce in Hollywood? (in addition to the vast egos of people in the entertainment industry) It also may form a part of the dynamics of the Gore family divorces. Besides Al and Tipper Gore, two of their children are also in the process of divorce.

It would be interesting to find out how many of Elizabeth Taylor’s or Zsa Zsa Gabor’s children are divorced? Their famous mothers continue to hold the record for the most celebrity divorces.


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