Quotable Canadians

“If some countries have too much history, we have too much geography.”
W.L. MacKenzie King, Prime Minister

“The heart never knows the colour of the skin.”
Chief Dan George, Aboriginal leader and actor

“Edmonton is not really the end of the world…although you can see it from there.”
Ralph Klein, Premier of Alberta

“Wherever you go in the world you just have to say that you are Canadian…and people laugh.”
John Candy, Comedian and Actor

“In Canada there are nine months of winter and three months of road repair.”
Peter Hanson, Physician and Writer

“We have the Mounties, they have the FBI. Can you imagine the FBI doing the musical ride?”
Dave Broadfoot, Comedian


One thought on “Quotable Canadians

  1. Hi,

    This might be random but I was looking for a quote of the day for my work and I noticed you quoted my dad, Dr. Peter Hanson. I thought you should know that his last name is actually spelled “-son” not “-sen”. You can confirm that from “Quotable Canada”, the main coffee-table book I remember the quote being published in. I do not know the context of when he first said the quote, but it might be in one of his old books such as “The Joy of Stress” or “Stress for Success”.

    Out of curiosity, where on earth did you come accross that quote? He always joked about it growing up, but I never expected to come accross it.

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