One Month Anniversary!

I’m excited to announce that it has been one month since Lawdiva’s entry to the world of blogging and “hits” on the blog have exceeded 1300!

Thank you to all those who are dropping by to see what Lawdiva is thinking about. If you wish to subscribe to my blog (it’s free of course and just lets you know of new postings), please do so.

Future topics that I intend to blog on include:

1. A case I just litigated where I was arguing for the return of a 4 year old boy to his home in Connecticut, where his father and both paternal and maternal grandparents live. His mother abducted him and then abandoned him in Victoria at the home of a man she met on the internet.
The man and his parents, supported by BC’s Ministry of Children and Families, wish the youngster to remain with them permanently. I am awaiting the judge’s decision and will post thereafter.

2. Canada’s Witness Protection Program: Cloaked in mystery, I intend to shed some light on this program, highlighting the legitimate uses and the abuses.

3. Spirituality and Divorce: They say that going through a divorce is more devastating than experiencing the death of a spouse. With increasing frequency, separating spouses will begin to look at the world beyond them and their painful situation. Does spirituality or prayer ease their burden?

Best regards,

Georgialee Lang BA JD


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