Deja Vu All Over Again

A dark shadow has followed Joran Van Der Sloot since the death in Aruba in 2005 of American teenager Natalie Holloway. Arrested twice and released both times, the Aruban authorities were unable to charge Van Der Sloot with the murder of Miss Holloway. They had no body and virtually no evidence. The media frenzy that surrounded this case was unprecedented. Greta Susteren of FOX News kept the Holloway story alive for years after Natalie’s disappearance.

We now learn that Van Der Sloot has confessed to the murder of Stephany Flores in Peru after her body was discovered in a hotel room registered in his name in Lima. It is likely that after the police and their suspect viewed the videotape evidence from the hotel, he realized he was done.

Such a sad case and one that reminds me of the murder of Lynn Duggan in North Vancouver in 1993. Ms. Duggan dated policeman Brock Graham for three weeks before she disappeared leaving behind a blood-soaked mattress in her apartment. Mr. Graham was a suspect in the case but again, there was insufficient evidence to charge him and as she had simply disappeared, there was no body. In 1994 two boys discovered a skull in a conservation area in North Vancouver which proved to be Ms. Duggan’s. By this time Graham had left the Vancouver Police Department.

The years passed with no arrests and no real hope of solving the Lynn Duggan case. However, in 2005 Mr. Graham resurfaced when he was charged with the axe murder of his girlfriend Patricia Ducharme. At the request of Lynn Duggan’s father, Graham inexplicably agreed to undergo a polygraph test, probably believing that he would pass it. He failed the test. It was then that Mr. Graham decided to clear his conscience and he confessed to the murder of Ms. Duggan.

The parallels between the two cases are intriguing. One can only hope that Mr. Van Der Sloot will have the same crisis of conscience that Brock Graham experienced. Perhaps Van Der Sloot will confess to the murder of Natalie Holloway in exchange for a prison sentence served in Aruba, rather than Peru. I can’t imagine how horrific a Peruvian prison would be.

Natalie’s family deserves closure and only Van Der Sloot can provide that. I wonder if he will?


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