Obama is to Blame for Gore’s Separation?

Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter, aka “Rush Limbaugh in a skirt”, propounds her right wing theories to all who will listen. You may recall that the University of Ottawa decided not to listen to Ms. Coulter several months ago, when a large group of students protested her planned speech, which was then cancelled. Apparently, she was warmly welcomed at the University of Alberta several days later. (Ralph Klein country)

As a former attorney, Ann is articulate and often amusing. One of her best selling books is titled “How to Speak to a Liberal (if you Must)”. She also penned a book about Bill Clinton called “High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton.”

Ms. Coulter recently revealed her views about the separation of Al and Tipper Gore. Presumably tongue in cheek, Ms. Coulter attributed the blame for their marriage breakdown to…. Barack Obama. This is what Coulter wrote:

“Obama did take time off from his golf game to praise the Phoenix Suns for protesting Arizona’s new immigration law. He really did endorse the Suns, which-like most of his endorsements-has resulted in the Suns being eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers over the weekend. (Did I dream this or was it just yesterday that Obama congratulated Al and Tipper Gore on their long and happy marriage?)”

Ms. Coulter is obviously gloating over the fact that four Democrats in the last seven months have lost high profile races, despite Obama’s active involvement in their campaigns.

She will no doubt have her daggers out to opine on Obama’s mishandling of the oil spill off the shores of Louisiana. Whatever she says, it will be both scathing and entertaining. Why doesn’t Canada have personalities/pundits like Ms. Coulter or for that matter, like Michael Moore? Is it because we are so polite?


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