$19 Million Dollar Divorce

It has been reported that the battling McCourt’s, owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, have each hired teams of lawyers and expect to spend over $19 million dollars for legal and accounting advice. Even jaded celebrity lawyers in California are agog at the high cost of winning… or losing as the case may be.

To provide some perspective, the Britney Spears/ Kevin Federline divorce only cost a measly $835,000.00 while former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar told the Miami Herald that he ran up a (small) bill of $4 million dollars.

Considering that the McCourt’s have an apparently iron-clad prenuptial agreement, what’s the fight about?

Seems there is some regret on Ms. McCourt’s part, as the pre-nup only leaves her with all the residential properties while hubby takes their vast business holdings.

I predict that this case will settle before trial either through mediation or a private arbitration. There is just too much dirty laundry to take this the whole way.


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