Hello world!

Welcome to Lawdiva!  I am, of course, a lawyer, who is passionate about all things legal. I have been blessed in my career with great clients, wonderful colleagues and amazing cases. I’m going to comment about interesting cases and legal issues in the news. Oh yes….I am also a news junkie! Can’t get through my day without knowing what happened today. In earlier years, I would read a minimum of three newspapers a day. As a recovering newsprint addict, I now limit myself to one newspaper and pick up the rest of the world’s stories on-line.

I want to hear from you and get your opinions too. Note to all: This blog is not intended to solicit clients unless you have a big, juicy appeal or need a family law arbitrator.

Georgialee Lang BA JD (aka Lawdiva)


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. May 22, 2010

    Dear Ms. Lang,

    Please confirm that you were the G. Lang at Court of Appeal trial dated April 18, 2002.

    Spencer v. Spencer
    2002 BCCA 265
    Date: 20020419
    Docket: CA027413
    Registry: Vancouver

    Coram: Newbury, Braidwood, Hollinrake

    April 18, 2002
    The case was called @ 11:47
    Adjourned @ 12:30
    Reconvened @ 2:00
    Adjourned @ 2:32

    April 19, 2002
    Case called @ 9:30
    Judgment given
    Adjourned @ 9:46

    My documents show that you were at this trial.
    Please would you confirm.

    Thank you,


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